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Don’t be afraid of technology – with our recommended Plug&Play devices, you can quickly and easily integrate trackers, cameras and trap detectors into Revierwelt. In our Revierwelt Edition plus, all necessary components are included and have been pre-configured. Simply add the activation code included in the delivery and the device is ready for use.

Model variety.

In addition to our Plug&Play models, we have tested a variety of other devices that can also be integrated into Revierwelt. The links listed in the overview refer to the suppliers who manufacture or sell the mentioned devices. Revierwelt also supports a variety of other devices on the market. Got questions? Just let us know!


If you want to connect other trap detectors, wildlife cameras or GPS trackers with an SMS or GPRS interface to Revierwelt, please contact us by email (support@revierwelt.de). If technically and economically possible, we will connect your device to Revierwelt free of charge.

X-VIEW 5.0 G

trigger release only 0.4 seconds – 12MP resolution – 1080-30FPS – up to 15 meters illumination in total darkness – multi-shot with up to 3 photos per second – new, clearer menu navigation – infrared sensors with a detection range of 52° – high-quality sharp images day and night – easy to use: detailed German menu navigation – invisible 56 black LED flashes – flash range of up to 20 meters during the day – Full HD video including audio recordings – available with 25 or 31 LEDs

The Revierwelt Edition includes a 4-network SIM card with 5 € credit, 8 GB SD card Class 10, 8 Mignon 1.5 V batteries.

PLUG&PLAY – simply enter activation code and get started!

Snapshot Mobil Black 5.1 IR



Link to the supplier:

Link to the supplier:

Link to the supplier:

Tracker MU-201 G3

Compact lightweight tracker for locating dogs, people or vehicles. Pre-configured for immediate use and includes WuH-Revierwelt dog tracking for one year. It measures only 60 x 35 x 23 mm, weighs approx. 50 g, is IPX5 splash water protected and is equipped with an integrated lithium ion battery (1300 mAh) – equipped for real-time location of dogs/objects. Great features, a comparatively low price and state-of-the-art technology make this system stand out from the competition. For GPS tracking, the dog wears the tracker on his neck (e.g. the Revierwelt collar) or in the dog vest. You can track your dog’s position, movements and hunting activities online in real time on the map using our WuH-Revierwelt mobile phone software for Android, iPhone, iPad, or via internet on any mobile device equipped with mobile data. The dog can also be tracked at home on a PC.

The bundle includes a multi-network SIM card with 5 € credit (lasts about 2 years).

PLUG&PLAY – simply enter activation code and get started!

Tracker TK 102-2 *V9/11/13

Tracker TK5000

Tracker Picotrack

GPS Tracker
Tracker  Itakka

Link to the supplier:

Link to the supplier:

TRAPMASTER trap detector

The online-controlled trap detector for REVIERWELT.
Absolutely humane trap monitoring!

The TRAPMASTER is an electronic trap detector that can be connected directly to REVIERWELT. The emphasis lies on user-friendliness and reliability. Features flexible notification options via SMS, push messages, email or phone call via REVIERWELT. Automatic credit monitoring and credit warning, SIM card rechargeable via REVIERWELT. Battery status monitoring and low power warning with special batteries for stable long-term performance, even under adverse circumstances.

The TRAPMASTER can be implemented on nearly any kind of trap.

The bundle includes a multi-network SIM card with 10 € credit (lasts approx. 2 years).

PLUG&PLAY – simply enter activation code and get started!

RedFox Alarm
Kirrungsalarm TRIO

Link to the provider:

Link to the provider:

Link to the provider:

Link to the provider:

Multi-network SIM card
for all Revierwelt devices

This SIM card can be used in over 200 countries worldwide – covering approx. 95 % of Germany (including border areas). This SIM card is contract-free and uses the telephone networks operating in Germany. If a provider does not supply a network, the card automatically switches to the next available network. The card has a starting balance of 10 Euros and can be topped up via the Revierwelt portal. Only available for our customers owning Revierwelt GPS devices, wildlife cameras and trap detectors.


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