Holding on to memories.

The huge boar wallowing on the river bank, a herd of roe deer in the clearing… With Revierwelt, you can record your hunting adventures and activities or express your moods and emotions in chronological order. You can decide in each case whether your diary entries should be visible only to you or to all members of your group.

The diary can also be used to expand the functionality of your harvest and sightings list – here you can add notes and pictures to your entries in the harvest list. The diary can be configured according to best suit your needs and wishes.


How successful was I in this year’s driven hunts? What did I shoot in other districts and zones?

Contrary to the game list, you can also enter hunts into your personal diary that did not even take place in your own district, which would normally not belong in the game list.


Capture personal memories.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

Let Revierwelt convince you!