REVIERWELT. Trail cams.

Know what’s going on in your district.

It is impossible to spend 24 hours a day in your hunting district to know what’s going on there. However, a wildlife camera with a GPRS function can – its photos will let you know what is currently moving around in your district. Almost every camera available on the market can be used with Revierwelt.

Whether set up at feeding or baiting spots, wildlife trails or water holes, a trail camera can be an indispensable tool for hunters to determine what wildlife is active in a particular hunting zone – without disturbing the animals with the hunter’s presence. The camera uses sensors to monitor the surroundings and react to heat and movement. If an animal or person moves within the camera’s field of detection, the camera is triggered and a photo or video is made.

If you have a GPRS trail camera, you can connect it to Revierwelt and have your photos sent directly to your mobile phone – quickly and easily.

Detect. Trigger. Send.

The trail cam sends its images directly to Revierwelt where they are stored. Simultaneously, you will receive a message that an image has just been received – you are always immediately informed about what is going on in the district.

The incoming messages are analyzed and graphically prepared. In most cases, the images are also stored on a conventional SD card within the camera.

This is particularly easy with models that are available as a Revierwelt edition such as the X-VIEW. This camera has been optimized for use with Revierwelt – enter code – turn on – observe. Order your per email: support@revierwelt.de.

Your eye in the district.


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