REVIERWELT. Unified. Reliable. Safe.

Revierwelt accompanies you and your fellow hunters with over 90 functions throughout your daily hunting routine.
You decide which function you wish to use in your hunting group.

Group Administration

One of the central functions of the Group Administration is the district map, in which you can enter all of the objects within your district such as hunting spots, raised hides, stalking zones, foxholes, salt licks or any other detail that is important to you and your fellow hunters.

Another important feature here is the Harvest List. This provides added support to you and your group members while planning hunts and maintaining a daily overview for game administration within the group.

Revierwelt also helps you and your group in the following:

  • Coordination within the group using the group pinboard and the Revierwelt app
  • Documentation of all activities within the group via pinboard
  • Spot and stalking zone reservations according to individually configurable permissions
  • Planning and execution of group hunts with the Driven Hunt tool
  • Administration of tasks and appointments within the group community
  • Hunting support through various functions such as weather forecast and a hunting lunar calendar

GPS Dog Tracking

Know where your dog is – and much more! Revierwelt supports you when your dog is working. With Revierwelt’s GPS Dog Tracking, you will always know where your dog is. In real time.

The GPS tracking works independent of your location: you can see where the dog is, no matter where you happen to be. And the best thing is, every member of your group can do the same – of course only if you want to.

GPS dog tracking also offers practical functions for dog handlers. For example, you can create a practice track and monitor in real-time whether the dog is still on the trail, and much more.


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Trap Monitoring


With Revierwelt’s unique trap monitoring system, you can operate in the best interests of animal welfare. Revierwelt is compatible with almost all trap detectors available on the market and is an absolutely reliable tool – for you!

You can configure your trap detector to send catch and status messages to Revierwelt. Your advantage: Revierwelt takes over the daily monitoring of the trap and will only send you a message if you need to intervene. This means that even professional users can easily manage over 100 traps at the same time.

Revierwelt ensures that every connected device works perfectly at all times, and only sends a message to you or your group members in the event of malfunctions. This avoids unnecessary inspections and saves traveling expenses.

Trail Cam Surveillance

Revierwelt’s Trail Cam Surveillance helps you to maintain a watchful eye on your district at all times. Simply connect your existing trail cam to Revierwelt. Too complicated? We will be happy to do this for you.

Fact: Revierwelt is compatible with all trail cameras available on the market that can transmit pictures and/or videos.

Key highlights:

  • Management and collection of images in one application. Together with all fellow hunters in your hunting group.
  • Catalog images directly in the app or on the PC so that you can search for images later. This allows you to track which animals have been sighted and at which location.
  • The photos from each trail camera will be sent to you and your group members upon request. You can decide how you want them to be sent: directly to the Revierwelt app or simply per email.
  • Revierwelt offers a clear and structured administration of your images in one location. Together or on your own – you decide who can see what in your group.

Let Revierwelt convince you!