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REVIERWELT. The whole hunt in one place.


Revierwelt documents and coordinates all of your hunting activities in one application. From simple functions such as documenting harvest lists, creating a map of your hunting district, monitoring your automatic traps or tracking your dog per GPS, Revierwelt offers everything you need for your daily hunting routine – all in one location!


Revierwelt is always at your side with numerous supporting features. No matter where you are: You and your fellow hunters can monitor what’s going on in the hunting group at all times. All of the information about your hunts and group is available to you – whenever you need it. All data is accurately synchronized and kept up to date for you and your group members.


Revierwelt ensures safety during group hunts: All hunters in the specified hunting zone are automatically notified of new activities. For example, if you reserve a new hunting spot, all group members will be informed. If you write an SMS or an e-mail to Revierwelt, it will be logged and immediately distributed to all members.

REVIERWELT. The reliable companion for your hunts.

Revierwelt accompanies you and your fellow hunters with over 90 functions throughout your daily hunting routine.
Here you will find an overview of the extensive possibilities offered to you by Revierwelt.

Group Pinboard

The hub of your hunting group. Here, all activities such as spot reservations and harvest lists are documented and forwarded to your fellow hunters. Everyone remains permanently up to date.

District Map

All information flows together geographically on the district map. Additional to marking locations within the hunting zone and current wind direction, messages from traps or trail cameras are also found here.

Location Reservation

Which spot is available during the planned hunt? Revierwelt’s location reservation informs each member immediately and marks the corresponding hunting spot directly on the map. A glance at the map is all it takes to know which location is still available. You can also block particular hunting spots in accordance to your needs. Stalking districts can also be defined and reserved. Try it out!

Harvest List

Revierwelt’s harvest list is the basis for all further game evaluations. It is also closely linked to the game management. An entry in the harvest list can be made manually via the app, with your PC, or by sending a message to the group’s logbook (by SMS or email). For example, the SMS “Deer dead” will create a new entry in the harvest list. Practical for all of those who do not have a smartphone and app.


With Revierwelt you can quickly and easily create professional evaluations based on your harvest list. For example, you can compare hunting schedules with the harvest list – all fellow hunters in your district are automatically notified when the goals have been fulfilled.


Revierwelt connects – you can exchange ideas with other hunters, just as you know it from Facebook. Create your own hunting network – quickly, easily and effectively. Communicate with each other instantly – WhatsApp paved the way, and now even Revierwelt has its own integrated messenger!

Game Management

Revierwelt offers you various functions to help manage your game (e.g. as an extension to the harvest list). This can include a bar code system to manage meat for sale, a price calculator and even a marketplace where you can sell your game. From your personal marketplace, you can send interested buyers a link to your newly arrived game, so they can always know if and when you have fresh meat for sale.

Driven Hunt Planning

The planning and execution of driven hunts involves many aspects which can cost a lot of time and money. Revierwelt offers you a function with which you can comfortably plan and execute all activities before, during and after a driven hunt. Starting with the invitation list, the assignment of shooters to various spots, printing of hunting zone maps, creating location and driver maps, assembling of driver teams and dog groups – including GPS monitoring – and wrapping things up with the documentation and marketing of your game: This function takes care of all of that in a simple and convenient manner.


All Revierwelt functions are stored in the user administration. The group administrator can set which user has access to which function. There are three different setting options: Read, Write and Delete.

User-Defined Functions

You would like to use Revierwelt in professional hunting operations, or the provided functions are not sufficient for you? Easily create your own data management options via User-defined features. These functions are then automatically synchronized on all district member apps and can be used immediately. Configure Revierwelt according to your wishes, easily and without programming.

Tag List

For a more professional group management, Revierwelt offers a tag list. This list analyses messages that have been added to the group logbook for keywords, and can then perform certain actions if a message with that associated tag is found (e.g. if the word “shot” is found, a new harvest list entry can be created). In this way, you can easily define actions without having to manually look through all of the entries in the group’s logbook.

REVIERWELT. Explore the possibilities.

If you only need a digital map of your hunting district, or wish to track your hunting dog with GPS, or if you want to use all of the 90 functions Revierwelt has to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

Revierwelt offers everything you need for your daily hunting routine – all in one location!

Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

District administration

REVIERWELT. Apps for Apple iOS and Google Android.

The Revierwelt app supports safety during organized hunts and helps you manage group information. It communicates all hunting activities within the hunting group community with a minimum of effort and for each individual hunter. The app automatically synchronizes all activities reported in Revierwelt.

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Revierwelt is offered:

In Germany by Paul Parey Zeitschriftenverlag GmbH with its publications “Wild und Hund” and “Deutsche Jagdzeitung (DJZ)”,

in Switzerland by JAGD&NATUR MEDIEN AG with its publication “Jagd & Natur – das Schweizer Jagdmagazin”,

in all other countries directly through Revierwelt Media GmbH.

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