It began with just an idea.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach all members in your hunting district with just one SMS? Together with his father Wolfram, Alexander Vinnai began developing the basic features of what is today’s Revierwelt. It began as a simple, nameless software to quickly and effeciently distribute SMS messages to several recipients.

It was as simple as that – just send an SMS to a given number and this was then distributed to several people at the same time. These persons were assigned to fixed recipient groups.

An electronic district management system.

A website or app did not yet exist. The software was only utilized in one’s own group and was used mainly to determine who was hunting at which location, and who did what in the district.

However, it became quickly clear that the list of SMS recipients became confusing over time. For this reason, we developed Revierwelt’s first function towards the end of 2008, which has remained the core of our software to this day: the Group Logbook.

The logbook documents all activities in the hunting district – harvest lists, tasks or location reservations.

REVIERWELT. By hunters, for hunters.

Alexander Vinnai

Founder & Managing Director

Wolfram Vinnai

Concepts & Sales

Stefan Ott

Web & Support

Paul Heimann

Software Developer

Nils Gier


Patrick Krug

Software Developer

Steffen Schmidt

Software Developer

Karen Vinnai