REVIERWELT. User-defined features.

Your Swiss army knife for your hunting district.

Taking advantage of the user-defined functions can become a powerful tool with almost unlimited possibilities. If the 90+ standard functions found within Revierwelt are not enough, you can create your own functions to further enhance your needs when it comes to the preparation of data.

Whether for monitoring game in a particular zone or for recording the number of trichina cases, simply create your own function here. This will appear as a new menu item in the main menu and can be used by all members of your group.

Many of the functions that have been developed by Revierwelt users have been made available to anybody else who wishes to use them too. You can find various templates that have been created to enhance your own user experience or assist you with various tasks in caring for and managing your group, district or hunting zone.

Tailor-made for your hunt.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

District administration

Let Revierwelt convince you!