REVIERWELT. One for all.

For game preserve organizations.

Revierwelt offers your organization exactly what you need. With over 90 various functions to support you and everybody else within the organization, Revierwelt can simplify the entire management of the hunting community with its social and innovative functions – communicate with other districts, manage zones within your organization, maintain harvest lists, create evaluations, reserve hunting locations, market game, monitor traps online or integrate wildlife cameras: Revierwelt can do all this and much more – all in one place!

A challenging task – organizing the game preserve.

From planning hunts and activities to reporting kills, and keeping everybody continuously up-to-date – Revierwelt takes care of all vital tasks required to manage the hunting community all in one place. No matter how many districts and hunters are affiliated with the organization – Revierwelt helps to maintain the overview.

The results from partially fulfilled and overall shooting plans from all districts within the organization are collected, evaluated and made available to everybody. As soon as a particular plan has been fulfilled, all hunters are simultaneously informed. Revierwelt also supports you with a tool to help plan cross-regional driven hunts, and provides everything you could wish for, from address management to location distribution, zone and district mapping, and even marketing the game.

All this and much more can be easily implemented with Revierwelt. At home on your computer or on the spot while out in the district with the Revierwelt app.

Revierwelt is a server-based software – no matter where you are, no matter what time of day, you can access your data anytime. Your data is protected and secured in accordance with the highest security standards in a German data center.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

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