REVIERWELT. Trap hunting.

Caught in the trap.

The most time-consuming part of trap hunting is the mandatory monitoring of your traps – Revierwelt offers you a convenient and safe solution for legally compliant and humane trapping. Whenever an animal has been caught, Revierwelt immediately sends you a trap report to your mobile phone so you can react immediately. Time-consuming daily monitoring is now a thing of the past.

Time-saving and reliable.

By integrating the trap detectors in Revierwelt, you save yourself the daily visual inspection of your traps. Revierwelt monitors and logs the status of your traps and notifies you as soon as a trap closes.

And not only that – Revierwelt also sends you a message if a problem arises, such as a weak or missing mobile network coverage or a low battery level.

Even in areas with poor mobile network coverage, Revierwelt can continue keeping you up-to-date. The communication between the trap detector and Revierwelt contains very small data packets. In this way, the trap detector will also work in areas where you can’t normally make telephone calls.

Small game conservation in your district.

  • reports the current status of your traps by email, push message, phone call or SMS – however you wish to be informed. You can also use this function to immediately inform your fellow hunters so that everybody is continuously up-to-date.
  • sends you a daily report in which the status of all traps is clearly displayed. No matter how many traps you operate, all of them are summarized in a single message.
  • archives and analyzes all trap reports – so you can quickly recognize which trap is effective and at which location.

Trap hunting. Safe and efficient.


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