REVIERWELT. SOS and rescue points.

For your safety.

A broken rung on your raised hide, the excitement about that prize deer that has just been shot – something can always happen while out hunting. For emergencies we have integrated an SOS mode and an SOS button.

If the phone remains in an inclined position for a certain period of time, the SOS mode sends an emergency SMS/email with your current geocoordinates to all members in your group – for example, if you fall and can no longer stand up on your own.

You can also trigger the emergency message yourself by pressing the SOS button for 3 seconds.

Sufficient mobile network coverage is required for both functions.

Rescue points

Rescue points are locations in the hunting district or zone that have been defined by coordinates. In the event of an accident, these points can be used in the communication between the injured person or a helper and the rescue team in helping to find the precise location of the accident.

Revierwelt not only indicates your position on the district map, but also those rescue points closest to you. These points can then be used by rescue services to help you.

In case of emergency.


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