REVIERWELT. District locations.

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Among the most important things to identify within your hunting district – besides defining the district boundaries – are the best locations. These can be quickly and easily added to Revierwelt. Simply use the Revierwelt-APP on your mobile phone, go to the district you wish to edit and insert the displayed coordinates at the touch of a button – further information about that location can also be added for later reference. This could include for example, optimal shooting directions, type of location, possible obstructions, conditions, reservation options and much more. Of course, you can also add photos of particular spots, and even 360° panoramic shots.

Of course, the locations within your district can also be recorded and managed with your computer and marked either with the predefined symbols, or with your own. All of this can also be printed out or exported to an Excel sheet for further processing.

District locations can also be divided into categories and switched to active or inactive. For example, if you are planning a driven hunt, you can activate only those spots on the map that can be used during the hunt, and deactivate those that cannot be used under any circumstances.

With the help of the compass and the augmented reality function, you can navigate to your locations at any time.

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