REVIERWELT. Harvest list.


Create an account of everything you’ve harvested in your Harvest List. No matter where you are, you can send everything per SMS, voice message, email or Internet directly to your Game Management – a specially designed function converts and transfers your data directly to your Harvest List.

Using this data, Revierwelt can also create a harvest list that has been tailored to meet the requirements needed for submission to federal or state authorities.

All of the data compiled in your harvest list can be displayed in graphical or list form. Comparing your hunting schedule that was created at the beginning of the hunting season with your harvest list is just one of the many examples, and literally just a few mouse clicks away.

And of course, all of this data can be easily filtered in accordance to your predefined criteria, such as who hunted what, where the hunt occurred and many more.

Your harvest is transferred directly from the Harvest List to the Game Management. From there, you can conveniently oversee sales, which is then immediately transferred to the Cash Book.

Similar to the Harvest List, you can also create a sighting list, where you can enter your observations while sitting in a hide or out stalking.


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