REVIERWELT. Evaluations.

At the end of day.

At the end of the hunting season, it is the end results that count. And this is where Revierwelt can help you by providing a variety of evaluation options. Have your harvest goals been fulfilled? Have the game revenues increased compared to last year? Which traps had the most and best catches?

Information that is important for your district is processed according to various predefined criteria and displayed graphically – you will always know if your goals have been achieved and where they need to be improved.


The data from your harvest list can be displayed either in graphical or list form. For example, you can compare the hunting schedules you created at the beginning of the hunting season with your harvest list at any time and in graphical form. To make things easier, with just a few mouse clicks, your data can be filtered according to a variety of predefined criteria such as which hunter, game species, hunt location and many more.

Your own evaluations can be effortlessly created to contain all of the data collected within Revierwelt – trap monitoring, cash flow administration, game management, hunting district pinboard – practically everything you need to see at a glance.

Create and export documents

Compiling your data and exporting it as a document can be of particular interest – especially if you wish to send your harvest list to your friends or authorities. Documents can also be created from individual data records. Several templates are available just for this purpose: wildlife origin certificates, hunting licenses, trichinae sample slips, hide delivery notes and many more.

Numbers. Data. Facts.


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