What’s the Revierwelt?

Probably the only platform in the world that combines hunting management and social media functions in one program. With over 90 functions, Revierwelt offers you everything you need in everyday hunting, including competent solutions for complex tasks such as GPS positioning, driven hunt planning, trap monitoring, wild camera connection and messenger.

How much does Revierwelt cost?

Your account at Revierwelt is free of charge. You can use the advantages of the Revierwelt free of charge and get in touch with hunters and hunting enthusiasts worldwide by becoming a member of an existing Revierwelt.

We offer different packages in the subscription system, tailored to your personal requirements. From the basic package for the small hunting ground with only a few hunters to the track package for the dog handler to the most used extended package, which leaves nothing to be desired. Finally, our Professional package opens up unlimited possibilities for large hunting grounds, hunting communities, forests and communities.

How and where can I use Revierwelt?

The Revierwelt is a service from the cloud, which you can access worldwide via any web browser under revierwelt.de. An installation of software on your computer, tablet or smartphone is not necessary. For the smartphone there is an APP, which makes the operation on Android and iPhone comfortable*. The data is hosted centrally on servers – so you can access your data from any number of end devices at any time.

*The Revierwelt APP 2.0 is expected to be released in January 2020 – you can use APP 1.0 until then.

How does it work with the district administration?

As soon as you have set up a user account at Revierwelt, you can set up a district or join an existing district. The district border with the district facilities (residences, Kirrungen, Hotspots, POIs and also trap detectors and game cameras) forms the heart of the program.

How do I create a map?

You can draw the area map directly in the area world and edit it afterwards. Of course, you can also import many data formats such as .kml directly. Other formats can also be integrated – just contact us.


How do I take other hunters into my hunting area?

You can admit any hunter registered with Revierwelt to your hunting area. You can grant each hunter different rights up to moderator rights. You can also grant other hunters temporary guest access – ideal for a driven hunt, for example.

You can contact other hunters inside and outside Revierwelt via our extensive group function and Messenger – the Revierwelt community combines the functions of WhatsApp and Facebook in one place.

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