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Revierwelt is a service provided entirely from within our cloud, which can be accessed via any web browser at revierwelt.de. An installation of software on your computer, tablet or smartphone is not necessary. However, an app is available for use on smartphones, making your access to Revierwelt via Android or iPhone considerably easier.

Your data can be accessed by any device after logging into your personal account – you can manage your district or groups no matter where you are. All of your data is stored on company-owned servers at a computer center in Frankfurt, Germany and not on third-party providers.

All data is handled and stored on company-owned hardware in a data center. Revierwelt is operated within a TIER 3+ data center environment and is secured accordingly. We use standard systems such as firewalls, IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems), virus scanners and other advanced systems to ensure that your data remains safe. The communication between App and Revierwelt is secured with 256 bit AES.

Your data is not made available to third parties, neither against payment nor free of charge.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

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