REVIERWELT. Hotspot and POI.

Knowing where you’ve been.

Hotspots and POI (Points of Interest) are areas on your map that mark GPS positions. With the Revierwelt app you can register such hotspots directly on site and manage them in so-called hotspot groups. This can be of particular interest when organizing driven hunts for example: Dedicate specific spots in your district map where the shooters should position themselves and print it out for distribution to those who are involved in the hunt.

With Hotspot, you can quickly mark a position while underway. For example, you can mark the location of your vehicle, where you fired your shot, where wounded game bedded down, or where you located the downed game. Then you or another member in your group can use the compass function in the app to navigate to the marked position.

A POI works similarly: Here you can create and manage “Points of Interest” (POIs). These include for example, badger and fox dens or breeding sites, but also prominent locations such as parking lots, lookout points and the like. Hotspots and POIs can later be displayed on your district map and printed as needed.

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