REVIERWELT. District map.

The basis of your Revierwelt.

The defined boundaries of your district on a map distinctively forms the heart of your Revierwelt. All of the data recorded in the district administration such as district locations, harvest reports, hot spots, POIs, diary entries etc. can be indicated with their own or predefined symbols, and displayed on your map to help you maintain an overview of the more important features within your district.

You can use various filter options to further improve the overview of your map, made even better when viewed in full screen mode.

The area map can be set to display either Google Maps, OpenStreetMap or country-specific maps as graphics or satellite images.

If you do not manage your own district, you can automatically create a “virtual district” to enjoy the full functionality of Revierwelt – the ideal tool for every hunter.

Everything at a glance.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

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