REVIERWELT. User administration.

Hunting together.

To begin using Revierwelt, simply create a free user account at www.revierwelt.de. With this account you can create any number of groups, hunting districts or zones for yourself, and likewise become a member in anybody else’s groups, districts or zones.

Obviously, you can add as many other registered users – as the owner of your group/district/zone, you are the administrator. For any or all of the functions, you can assign your members various rights. For example, if you invite a guest to join you on a hunt, you can allow access to the district or zone map with all of the marked locations, but conceal other functions such as the harvest list and other functions that you do not wish to be made available for them.

Manage rights

With the integrated rights management, you have the option of appointing district members as moderators. These moderators have extensive access to all functions. Furthermore, you can grant or revoke rights to certain functions within your district administration for individual users. Sensitive functions such as “Edit border” or “Cash book” can be blocked for all or selected members.

Show/hide functions

For a better overview, you can hide individual functions that are not or only rarely required.

Hide hunt. Driven hunt. Stalk hunt.

Manage addresses

This function is helpful in maintaining your contact data, which forms the foundation upon which your district or group is built. Addresses can be categorized – this simplifies the search for persons or groups when using Revierwelt’s filter functions. All addresses can be exported to Excel for further processing with Microsoft Office. This can greatly simplify the creation of mail merge documents such as invitations, lists, etc. Any evaluations that can be exported as an Excel file are also available.


You can use this function to specify the way in which you or other group members should be notified of activities occurring in your group. It is also possible to specify phone numbers and emails to notify persons who are not members of your group. If desired, these numbers or email addresses can receive notifications via SMS, email or phone call.

Manage the whole group in one place.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

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