REVIERWELT. Group pinboard.

Your pinboard for your group or district.

Communication can be so simple. With the group pinboard you can provide information for all members of your group or district. And not only that: Revierwelt can automatically add pinboard contributions directly to the harvest list or task list, for example. This is the first interactive pinboard that can also be maintained directly from the hunting grounds.

You can send pinboard entries per SMS, MMS, email or even write a direct message onto the pinboard. All messages will be immediately distributed to the members of your group. How a particular member would like to receive a message can be set in their profile. If you would like to send a message only to the group’s pinboard, then simply add “@” at the beginning of the message.

The pinboard analyzes inbound messages for so-called keywords (tags). As soon as a “tag” has been recognized, the corresponding function associated with this tag is executed. This can automatically create an entry in the harvest list for example.

Memo. Pinboard. And much more.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

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