REVIERWELT. Game management.

The work after the shot.

With our game management system, you can keep track of everything. Not only will you maintain an overview of the contents in your freezer, but you can also easily put your game up for sale.

From the harvest list to dismembering, labelling, storing and selling – it couldn’t be easier. The packaged game that is up for sale can be traced all the way back to the animal from which it originated. The legal requirements are made easy and efficient, and with the minimum of effort.

The game to be processed is taken directly from your harvest list and distributed to storage locations of your choice. After processing, packing and weighing the game, you enter the individual parts using a barcode.  With a barcode scanner, even large quantities of stored meat can be managed in the simplest way. The automatically generated information can then be printed on labels or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Our game calculator can help you find the right price for your valuable meat which can then be offered for sale using our game market. Your regular customers will be informed by email about your freshly arrived game.

After each sale, the inventory and your cash book is automatically updated. In this way, you can maintain a constant overview of your revenues and of what is still available.

Harvest. Dress. Sell.


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