REVIERWELT. Location reservation.

Know who’s positioned where.

With Revierwelt’s location reservation, you can plan and manage specific hunting spots to ensure more safety within predetermined hunting zones. Fellow hunters in your group can reserve a favorite spot for themselves or for a guest, or even an entire zone within a hunting district for any desired period of time. The reservation is indicated by a red dot on the map. When viewing the map of your district, you can immediately see which spots are occupied and which are still available.

To further ensure safety in specific hunting zones, you can define which spots surrounding selected locations should automatically become blocked in the event of a reservation.


Reservations can be made via SMS, email, internet or app using select keywords. These keywords can be integrated in any order within the text.

You can also name spots located in the direct vicinity of the reserved location. These are automatically blocked when a reservation is made. You can also reserve stalking districts or entire zones.

For example, if a spot has been named “Oak”, then the text is searched for this name and the reservation is made after a plausibility check. Here are some examples of messages that would automatically create a reservation:
“R: Oak tonight”
“R: Oak on 23.03.2013 at 18:00”
“R: Oak on 17.06. in the morning”
“R: Oak from now on”
“R: Oak at noon”
“R: Oak on 24.04.2020 at 18h for 10 hours”

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