REVIERWELT. Task management.

There’s a lot to do.

Maintaining a territory involves a lot of work. Weft corridors must be cut free, hideouts maintained and wild roofs laid out.

Not all tasks can be completed immediately and then fall into oblivion. To avoid this, we have developed the function “task list”. Here tasks can be announced directly from the district and administered centrally.

Each fellow hunter can report in the district by SMS, MMS, Mail etc. what he has noticed in the district – e.g. cut out certain seats, repairs at high seats, fill up salt licks, remove old cockpits etc.. – and to be done.

If you enter a task as text on the pinboard, then if you insert an exclamation mark “!” in the first place of your message, it is automatically transferred from the pinboard to the task list.

For example: Cut the !pulpit free at the Wildacker.
So no tasks are lost and all are informed immediately.

The planning and administration of district activities and construction measures is an important factor for a well-kept district. With the integrated task and schedule planning it is possible to schedule tasks and to be reminded of these dates by SMS or mail. No dates are forgotten, because all district members are reminded of the date in a freely definable time before the event. Personal appointments or appointments that are to be accessible to the district community and have been entered only for the registered person can be created.

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