REVIERWELT. District administration.

Keeping an eye on your district – at all times.

All the information you need to know about your hunting district – from hide reservations and zone mapping, and all the way to a game marketplace – clearly structured and in one location. No matter if you only need a digital zone map or if you want to try out all of the 90 functions that Revierwelt has to offer: here you are at the right place! Revierwelt records and coordinates all of your hunting activities in one place. From simple functions such as logging route reports, creating a map of your hunting district, monitoring your automatic traps or tracking your dog per GPS, Revierwelt offers everything you need for your daily hunting routine – all in one location!

  • District map
  • Game list
  • Game management
  • Driven hunt planning
  • … and much more!

Record and plan all activities in your zone from one location – quickly and easily from your mobile phone, tablet or on a computer in the comfort of your home.

Mutual. Convincing. Reliable.

Revierwelt is always at your side with numerous supporting features. No matter where you are: You and your fellow hunters will always have the hunting district under control. All of the information about your hunt is available to you – whenever you need it. All data is accurately synchronized and kept up to date for you and your district members.

The whole hunt in one place.


Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

Convince yourself!