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Tailor-made packages to meet your personal requirements. The Revierwelt Standard package is ideal for those who wish to manage a small district with only a few hunters, the Revierwelt Plus package is perfect for extensive district management with 30 or less members. Finally, our Revierwelt Professional package opens up unlimited possibilities for large hunting grounds, districts and zones, extensive hunting communities, forestries and local authorities, leaving nothing more to be desired.

Starting an account at Revierwelt and using the Revierwelt app 2.0 (to be released later in 2020) are of course free of charge. For those who do not wish to create groups and manage districts with Revierwelt can take advantage of Revierwelt free of charge by becoming a member of somebody else’s existing district.

Our packages are valid for 365 days. You no longer have to check whether your Revierwelt package is still active – we will automatically extend it for you and debit the amount from your bank account.


REVIERWELT. Your key to successful hunting management.

Revierwelt Standard
3,50 €per month
  • 5 district members
  • 5 alarm devices
  • 3 GPS trackers
Revierwelt Professional
16,50per month
  • unlimited district members
  • unlimited Alarms
  • unlimited GPS Tracker
  • KI included
  • Driven Hunting function included

Prices per hunting district, incl. 19% VAT. Alarm devices are trap detectors, feeding plot alarms and trail cameras.



Trail cameras

Game management

GPS dog tracking

Trap hunting

User-defined features

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