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District consultations.

What is your main hunting focus in your district? How should your hunting grounds be designed in the future to meet the demands of the wildlife and those of your hunting requirements? How do I increase my hunting success? What can you do to reduce game damage?

Do you want to find a way to hunt in such a way that the joy of hunting and the corresponding success remain your main priorities? We can help you with this. As part of our consultation concept, we will discuss the optimal design and layout of your district, and cover all topics involving small game and the associated predator hunting. During our on-site visit, we will examine everything that would involve all other game species and their habitats. These two aspects are the keys to your success.

This is included in our consulting repertoire:
  • Establishment and maintenance of wildlife grazing areas
  • greening  – a break for the district
  • creation and maintenance of hedges and field shrubs
  • hunting concepts (interval hunting, stalking, driven hunts, hide hunts)
  • hunting infrastructure (feeding, baiting and trapping spots)
  • choosing suitable equipment and facilities
  • various types of driven hunts
  • safety during harvest hunts, game damage, game damage prevention
  • game sales
  • and much more.

Consultation fees:

The number of days required for effective district consultations depend strongly on the local conditions and your specific interests. Just contact us – we can review the topics you wish to discuss and present you a non-binding offer. You will receive a comprehensive oral consultation and a written summary.


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Advice from a professional

Experienced in all areas of hunting, Christian A. Lintow is an extremely competent contact person for the REVIERWELT team. With him, we offer you a skilled and experienced consultant to advise you in every aspect of hunting in your district. If necessary, he can set up the complete REVIERWELT district management system for you and train your members how to use it.

More about Christian A. Lintow (in German)

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